The community around [fleXive] really runs with the ball. The most important thing to keep things going is to help each others learn.

We feel that an active community is vital for useful software projects. In order to reach [fleXive]'s ambitious goal of creating a JavaEE rapid development framework, we hope to get as much feedback as possible. We are interested in hearing your experiences using [fleXive] (so we can learn from them), the bugs you encountered (so we can fix them and make [fleXive] more stable), the features you are missing (so we can add them in future releases to make [fleXive] more complete and usable) as well as anything else you would like to tell us.

On our website we have a couple of possibilities to find information provided by other users and the development team, to actively discuss issues, or simply to stay up-to-date with recent developments and upcoming releases.

Depending on what you are looking for, we hope that you will find one of the following helpful:

Information and Support

We maintain several mailinglists and forums where you can discuss your experiences and problems with other users and the developers of [fleXive]. Often you'll find the information you are looking for by searching through the archives or reading threads discussing the very same issue. We will also announce all important news in these places.

In our wiki you will find how to's, tutorials, samples and developer infos. We would be happy if you would provide your results and ideas for the community in this section as well.


We welcome any help in developing [fleXive]. So if you're looking to contribute by developing, testing or any other way, you'll find helpful information at the contribute page.


Being one part of the community, we want to take this opportunity to give some information about the [fleXive] team itself. Being sponsored by UCS - unique computing solutions gmbh located in Vienna/Austria, a team of about 8 members is constantly working on [fleXive] towards completion and constant improvements.

Core development: Markus Plesser, Daniel Lichtenberger, Gregor Schober
Development: Gerhard Glos, Johannes Wernig-Pichler, Christopher Blasnik, Laszlo Hernadi
Project management / communication: Anton Zrzavy, Thomas Illetschko

Project sponsor: UCS - unique computing solutions gmbh