Become part of this evolving community! First, take and learn - second, give back and learn as well!

The best way to inform us about the bugs you find is using our issue tracking tool. Just open a new issue and be sure to fill in all information that can help us to find and reproduce the issue experienced by you. If possible also make sure that the problem isn't already known by searching the database before committing any new issue.

If you're interested in helping our project as a regular tester, we suggest that you contact us by e-mail. We can then provide you with information which parts of the framework could use additional testing, existing test-plans, etc.


As with most software projects, we're always in need for more and better documentation. This includes documents describing [fleXive] itself, documents describing how to work with [fleXive], tutorials, and last but not least help with translations of [fleXive] itself and existing documents.

If you are interested in contributing documentation or translating [fleXive] into your own language, please contact us by e-mail.


If you would like to enter our team as a programmer, the best way would be to start by either fixing a small bug or implementing a smaller feature to familiarize yourself with the code and give us a demonstration of your programming skills. Once completed, please send us the code using this form. Our developers will then contact you and review your code and discuss in which way you could contribute best.

You can find a list of current known bugs using our issuetracker and a list of planned features is listed in the roadmap.

Finally you'll find all available information for developers in the development section and the latest source code on the download page.


If you have other ideas of how to contribute to this project we'd like to hear from you either via e-mail or by posting to our forums.