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[fleXive] for Developers

In order to get a first impression of [fleXive], the top-level information in the explore [fleXive] section will be the right starting point for you.

If you are already familiar with [fleXive] and you want to get a better insight of what is currently being developed with [fleXive] or you even want to become a [fleXive] developer yourself, then this is the right section for you.


The Roadmap shows you where [fleXive] itself is currently heading and what is planned for the next stages.

Have a look at the big picture and quickly see what the [fleXive] framework is all about in the Technical Overview.

If you think about contributing to this project, then go ahead and get some starting directions at the Contribute section.


Developers will find our developer infos helpful. Especially our issue tracker will surely be an important tool if you're taking part as a [fleXive] developer.

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