Value classes for FxSQL search results.


Interface Summary
FxResultSet FxSQL result set
FxSQLFunction A SQL function, e.g.
ResultLocation Interface for query result locations

Class Summary
Briefcase The briefcase info object.
BriefcaseEdit An editable briefcase
FxEmptyResultSet An empty FxResultSet to be used when an exception is thrown but a result set is still needed to render a user interface.
FxFoundType A found FxType
FxPaths Tree-paths returned by queries
FxPaths.Item This object represebts a item within a path, eg 'myFolder' in the path '/Images/myFolder/myFile.txt'.
FxPaths.Path This object represents a single path, eg '/Images/myFolder/myFile.txt'
FxResultRow Provides a thin wrapper for a result row of a SQL search result set.
FxSQLFunctions Container for all supported FxSQL functions.
FxSQLSearchParams Search parameters
FxSQLSearchParams.BriefcaseCreationData Envelope to carry data needed for a briefcase creation.
ResultColumnInfo A displayed column info object for the result preferences.
ResultOrderByInfo An order-by property for the result preferences.
ResultPreferences Result preferences object.
ResultPreferencesEdit Modifiable result preferences object.

Enum Summary
AdminResultLocations Administration area result locations
DateFunction FxSQL functions available for date/datetime queries and selects.
FxSQLSearchParams.CacheMode The cache modes of the search.
ResultViewType The result type.
SortDirection A sort direction.
Table Supported flexive tables for search queries.

Package Description

Value classes for FxSQL search results.