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Packages that use InputMapper Utility classes for formulating queries in FxSQL. 
com.flexive.shared.value.mapper Input mappers provide a decorator for FxValue objects. 

Uses of InputMapper in

Fields in declared as InputMapper
protected  InputMapper QueryValueNode.inputMapper

Methods in that return InputMapper
 InputMapper QueryValueNode.getInputMapper()
          Returns the input mapper to be used for this query node.
 InputMapper PropertyValueNode.getInputMapper()
          Returns the input mapper to be used for this query node.
 InputMapper AssignmentValueNode.getInputMapper()
          Returns the input mapper to be used for this query node.
protected  InputMapper QueryValueNode.getPropertyInputMapper(FxProperty property)
          Return the input mapper for the given property.

Methods in with parameters of type InputMapper
 void QueryValueNode.setInputMapper(InputMapper inputMapper)

Uses of InputMapper in com.flexive.shared.value.mapper

Subclasses of InputMapper in com.flexive.shared.value.mapper
 class FxPkSelectOneInputMapper
          Input mapper for mapping a FxReference property to a select list.
 class IdentityInputMapper
          The trivial input mapper that performs no conversion for UI input.
 class NumberQueryInputMapper<T,BaseType extends FxValue<T,?>>
          An abstract input mapper between discrete values (e.g.
static class NumberQueryInputMapper.AccountQueryInputMapper
          Maps account IDs to login names.
static class NumberQueryInputMapper.ReferenceQueryInputMapper
 class SelectOneInputMapper
          Maps the given ordinal input type to a select list.
 class VoidInputMapper
          An input mapper that maps any FxValue to FxVoid, meaning that no input element or output will be generated.

Methods in com.flexive.shared.value.mapper that return InputMapper
static InputMapper InputMapper.getInstance(FxProperty property)
          Return a new input mapper instance for the given structure property.