Package com.flexive.shared.value.mapper

Input mappers provide a decorator for FxValue objects.


Class Summary
FxPkSelectOneInputMapper Input mapper for mapping a FxReference property to a select list.
IdentityInputMapper The trivial input mapper that performs no conversion for UI input.
InputMapper<BaseType extends FxValue,MappedType extends FxValue> InputMapper introduces another level of abstraction for the FxValue input components.
NumberQueryInputMapper<T,BaseType extends FxValue<T,?>> An abstract input mapper between discrete values (e.g.
NumberQueryInputMapper.AccountQueryInputMapper Maps account IDs to login names.
SelectOneInputMapper Maps the given ordinal input type to a select list.
VoidInputMapper An input mapper that maps any FxValue to FxVoid, meaning that no input element or output will be generated.

Package com.flexive.shared.value.mapper Description

Input mappers provide a decorator for FxValue objects. By providing a mapper an input component can mask the actual value (e.g. a numeric FxNumber property) with another (e.g. a FxSelectOne value representing a number of choices).