com.flexive.shared Shared classes used by all flexive modules.
com.flexive.shared.cache A generic cache provider.
com.flexive.shared.cache.impl Cache implementation based on JBossCache.
com.flexive.shared.configuration Value objects for referencing parameters in the configuration engine.
com.flexive.shared.configuration.parameters Parameter implementations for different value types.
com.flexive.shared.content Classes for representing flexive contents, most notable FxContent and FxPK.
com.flexive.shared.exceptions Custom application exceptions which supported translated exception messages through resource bundles.
com.flexive.shared.interfaces Local and remote interfaces of the flexive EJB engines.
com.flexive.shared.mbeans JMX MBeans provided by flexive. Utility classes for dealing with media data. Media engine implementations (pure Java and ImageMagick).
com.flexive.shared.scripting Utility classes for the scripting engine.
com.flexive.shared.scripting.groovy Groovy-specific helper classes, for example a Builder for structural types. Value classes for FxSQL search results. Utility classes for formulating queries in FxSQL. Data classes for flexive's security layer, like ACLs or roles. Classes for dealing with the streaming server (fxStream.jar).
com.flexive.shared.structure Classes for the representation of flexive data structures.
com.flexive.shared.tree Data objects for the tree engine.
com.flexive.shared.value Multilingual value types for flexive contents.
com.flexive.shared.value.mapper Input mappers provide a decorator for FxValue objects.
com.flexive.shared.value.renderer Locale-specific text renderers for FxValue objects.
com.flexive.shared.workflow Workflow data objects based on workflow steps and routes.