ACL administration

The ACL administration UI provides an ACL editor to edit and create ACL's and to set permissions for user groups in the permission matrix. ACL's are a key feature of the [fleXive] security concept.

The following screen shows the ACL editor in create mode.

You can specify

  1. The mandator

  2. The ACL's name

  3. The ACL's label

  4. A color

  5. A category

    Please see chapter ACL's - Access Control Lists for information about ACL categories in [fleXive].

    The following categories are available:

  6. A description

After saving you will be able to fill in the permission matrix.

The permission matrix (1) is available in the ACL editor for already created ACL's. Add rows to add groups and fill in the matrix to grant permissions.

In this example everyone (a user group automatically containing every known account) may read the ACL. Accounts that are a member of the user group Account Managers may read and edit the ACL (please note that Account Managers would already be allowed to read due to their membership to user group Everyone but we added read permission here in case someone decides to remove group Everyone from this ACL at a later date and we still want to keep read permission). Members of the user group Editors may additionally create, delete and export.

On the following screen you can see the default ACL's for each category and a user defined ACL (Public Content Instance ACL).

You can switch between different mandators with the select box on top of the list.