The instance editor

The instance editor allows you to create and edit content instances.

It can be accessed via the

As you might expect, the content tree and the query results contain already created instances. From the structure tree it is possible to create new content instances which can be attached to the content tree.

By default, the instantiated type's properties are displayed as input fields on the initialization of an instance. Non mandatory properties can be skipped and added again, when needed.

These are the UI elements of the instance editor:

  1. The ACL to choose for this instance
  2. The workflow step to choose for this instance
  3. The node of the content tree which the instance is attached to
  4. The version and access information
  5. Single properties as input fields
  6. Grouped properties

After saving you will get the following screen. You can see that the fields which have not been filled in, disappeared. No matter, you can add them again by clicking on the symbol for the single fields (1) or by clicking on the symbol for the grouped fields (2).

It is possible to create a new version of the instance.

To learn more about versioning in [fleXive] see the Content Engine section.