Workflow administration

The [fleXive] workflow administration UI allows you to define step definitions and workflows. Step definitions are used as steps in one or more workflows. You can define routes between these steps. See the core component chapter Workflow Engine for additional information about workflows in [fleXive].

The following screen shows the step definition editor. You can define a unique target (1) for a step definition.

The following screen shows the step definition overview.

Create a workflow and provide a name and an optional description.

After the creation of the workflow, the extended workflow editor, shown on the following screen, will be loaded.

The basic elements of a workflow are:

Steps (1)

You have to define a workflow ACL for each step. Steps can have unique targets (2).

Routes (3)

The routes are the transitions between the steps. Content instances can be moved on these routes. Each route must have a user group assigned.

The following diagram illustrates the routes defined in this workflow.

The following screen shows the workflow overview where you can edit or delete existing workflows. Mind that you cannot delete workflows which are already in use.