Chapter 9. The [fleXive] administration GUI

Anton Zrzavy <>

Table of Contents

Running the administration GUI
The structure editor
The structure editor GUI
Structure tree items
Structure tree interaction
View mode vs. edit mode
The type editor
The group editor
The property editor
The script assignment Editor
The instance editor
Creating and editing contents
The content tree
Modes of the content tree
The content tree's context menu
The query editor
Creating queries with the visual query editor
Query results
Saved queries and briefcases
The FxSQL Search
User account administration
Creating a user
The user account overview
User group administration
The user group overview
Mandator administration
Creating a mandator
The mandator overview
ACL administration
Creating an ACL
The permission matrix
The ACL overview
Workflow administration
Step definitions
Creating a workflow
The workflow overview
Script administration
Creating a script
The script overview
The Script Console
System information and language settings
The System Information
Language settings
Select list administration
Creating a select list
Editing a select list

Provided that you have a working flexive installation, you start the administration GUI by starting your chosen webserver. You enter the administration GUI by opening your web browser and entering the address of the administration GUI startpage. By default the address is http://localhost:8080/flexive/adm/main.jsf where localhost can to be replaced by your IP address. The port ( 8080 in the example) depends on your Application Servers setting and is the default for e.g. JBoss. After a few moments, you will reach the login page. If you want to work with the administration GUI as supervisor (a role that is allowed to do everything without any security limitations), the default username to choose is supervisor with its default password supervisor.