Package com.flexive.shared.interfaces

Local and remote interfaces of the flexive EJB engines.


Interface Summary
AccountEngine Account management
AccountEngineLocal Local interface of AccountEngine.
ACLEngine ACL engine interface
ACLEngineLocal Local interface of ACLEngine.
ApplicationConfigurationEngine Application configuration engine.
ApplicationConfigurationEngineLocal Local interface for the application configuration engine.
AssignmentEngine Structure Assignment management
AssignmentEngineLocal Local interface of AssignmentEngine.
BriefcaseEngine Bean handling Briefcases.
BriefcaseEngineLocal Local interface of BriefcaseEngine.
CmisSearchEngine Disclaimer: this API is part of the CMIS interface and is not yet considered stable.

The CMIS search engine EJB interface.
ConfigurationEngine Wrapper for accessing parameters transparently with their intrinsic scope.
ConfigurationEngineLocal Local interface of FxConfiguration.
ContentEngine ContentEngine
ContentEngineLocal Local interface of ContentEngine.
CustomDomainConfigurationEngine<T extends Serializable> Extension of GenericConfigurationEngine configurations with an arbitrary domain field (e.g.
DivisionConfigurationEngine Division configuration interface.
DivisionConfigurationEngineLocal Local interface of DivisionConfiguration.
FxTimerService Timer- and scheduling service based on Quartz
FxTimerServiceLocal Local interface of FxTimerService.
GenericConfigurationEngine Generic configuration interface.
GlobalConfigurationEngine Global configuration interface.
GlobalConfigurationEngineLocal Local interface of GlobalConfiguration.
HistoryTrackerEngine History tracker service
HistoryTrackerEngineLocal Local interface of HistoryTracker.
LanguageEngine [fleXive] language engine interface.
LanguageEngineLocal Local interface of Language.
MandatorConfigurationEngine Configuration engine for mandator-specific parameters.
MandatorConfigurationEngineLocal Local interface for MandatorConfigurationEngine.
MandatorEngine Mandator Interface
MandatorEngineLocal Local interface of MandatorEngine.
NodeConfigurationEngine Node configuration.
NodeConfigurationEngineLocal Local interface of NodeConfigurationEngine
PhraseEngine Phrase engine
PhraseEngineLocal Local phrase engine
ResultPreferencesEngine Interface for retrieving and updating the displayed result properties.
ResultPreferencesEngineLocal Local interface of ResultPreferencesEngine.
RouteEngine Workflow route engine interface.
RouteEngineLocal Local interface of SqlSearch.
ScriptingEngine Scripting engine
ScriptingEngineLocal Local interface of SqlSearch.
SearchEngineLocal Local interface of SqlSearch.
SelectListEngine SelectList management
SelectListEngineLocal Local interface of SelectListEngine.
SequencerEngine Interface for the sequencer beans.
SequencerEngineLocal Local interface of SequencerEngine.
StatelessTest Stateless test beans interface.
StatelessTestLocal Local interface of StatelessTest.
StepDefinitionEngine Interface to the step definition engine.
StepDefinitionEngineLocal Local interface of SqlSearch.
StepEngine The StepEngine class represents a step instance within a workflow
StepEngineLocal Local interface of StepEngine.
TreeEngine Tree Interface
TreeEngineLocal Local interface of FxTree.
TypeEngine FxType management
TypeEngineLocal Local interface of TypeEngine.
UserConfigurationEngine User configuration interface.
UserConfigurationEngineLocal Local interface of UserConfiguration.
UserGroupEngine Interface to the user group engine.
UserGroupEngineLocal Local interface of UserGroupEngine.
WorkflowEngine Workflow management engine.
WorkflowEngineLocal Local interface of WorkflowEngine.

Package com.flexive.shared.interfaces Description

Local and remote interfaces of the flexive EJB engines.