Interface ObjectWithLabel

All Known Subinterfaces:
ResultLocation, SelectableObjectWithLabel, ValueComparator
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractSelectableObjectWithLabel, ACL, ACLCategory, ACLPermission, AdminResultLocations, BinaryDescriptor.PreviewSizes, FxAssignment, FxContentExceptionCause, FxGroup, FxGroupAssignment, FxGroupAssignmentEdit, FxGroupEdit, FxLanguage, FxLockType, FxProperty, FxPropertyAssignment, FxPropertyAssignmentEdit, FxPropertyEdit, FxSelectList, FxSelectListEdit, FxSelectListItem, FxSelectListItemEdit, FxStructureElement, FxTreeNode, FxTreeNodeEdit, FxType, FxTypeEdit, LanguageMode, PropertyValueComparator, ResultViewType, Role, SortDirection, StepDefinition, StepDefinitionEdit, TreeValueNode.TreeValueComparator, TypeCategory, TypeMode, TypeState, TypeStorageMode

public interface ObjectWithLabel

A localized object, provides a localized label describing the object to the user.

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Method Summary
 FxString getLabel()
          Return the localized label of the object.

Method Detail


FxString getLabel()
Return the localized label of the object.

the localized label for the object.