Interface SelectableObject

All Known Subinterfaces:
SelectableObjectWithLabel, SelectableObjectWithName
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractSelectableObjectWithLabel, AbstractSelectableObjectWithName, Account, AccountEdit, ACL, Briefcase, BriefcaseEdit, BriefcaseItemData, FxAssignment, FxDataType, FxGroup, FxGroupAssignment, FxGroupAssignmentEdit, FxGroupEdit, FxLanguage, FxProperty, FxPropertyAssignment, FxPropertyAssignmentEdit, FxPropertyEdit, FxScriptInfo, FxScriptInfoEdit, FxScriptSchedule, FxScriptScheduleEdit, FxSelectListItem, FxSelectListItemEdit, FxStructureElement, FxTreeNode, FxTreeNodeEdit, FxType, FxTypeEdit, Mandator, Role, Route, RouteEdit, Step, StepDefinition, StepDefinitionEdit, StepEdit, UserGroup, Workflow, WorkflowEdit

public interface SelectableObject

An object that is identified by its unique (long) ID value. Usually these objects are data objects loaded from the database, where the ID value is the primary key.

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Method Summary
 long getId()
          The object's unique identifier

Method Detail


long getId()
The object's unique identifier

the object's unique identifier