Uses of Class

Packages that use FxLockType
com.flexive.shared Shared classes used by all flexive modules. 
com.flexive.shared.interfaces Local and remote interfaces of the flexive EJB engines. 

Uses of FxLockType in com.flexive.shared

Methods in com.flexive.shared that return FxLockType
static FxLockType FxLockType.getById(int id)
 FxLockType FxLock.getLockType()
          Getter for the lock type
static FxLockType FxLockType.valueOf(java.lang.String name)
          Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
static FxLockType[] FxLockType.values()
          Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.

Constructors in com.flexive.shared with parameters of type FxLockType
FxLock(FxLockType lockType, long created, long expires, long userId, FxPK lockedPK)
          Ctor for a content lock
FxLock(FxLockType lockType, long created, long expires, long userId, java.lang.Object obj)
          Ctor that decides locked resource depending on class of obj
FxLock(FxLockType lockType, long created, long expires, long userId, java.lang.String lockedResource)
          Ctor for a resource lock

Uses of FxLockType in com.flexive.shared.interfaces

Methods in com.flexive.shared.interfaces with parameters of type FxLockType
 java.util.List<FxLock> ContentEngine.getLocks(FxLockType lockType, long userId, long typeId, java.lang.String resource)
          Query locks
 FxLock ContentEngine.lock(FxLockType lockType, FxPK pk)
          Lock an instance
 FxLock ContentEngine.lock(FxLockType lockType, FxPK pk, long duration)
          Lock an instance