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Packages that use SelectableObjectWithName
com.flexive.shared Shared classes used by all flexive modules. 
com.flexive.shared.scripting Utility classes for the scripting engine. Value classes for FxSQL search results. Data classes for flexive's security layer, like ACLs or roles. 
com.flexive.shared.structure Classes for the representation of flexive data structures. 
com.flexive.shared.tree Data objects for the tree engine. 
com.flexive.shared.workflow Workflow data objects based on workflow steps and routes. 

Uses of SelectableObjectWithName in com.flexive.shared

Classes in com.flexive.shared that implement SelectableObjectWithName
 class AbstractSelectableObjectWithName
          Abstract implementation of SelectableObjectWithName
 class FxLanguage
          Languages Provides mapping functions between language system constants , iso codes and english descriptions.

Methods in com.flexive.shared with type parameters of type SelectableObjectWithName
<T extends SelectableObjectWithName>
FxSharedUtils.filterSelectableObjectsByName(java.lang.Iterable<T> values, java.util.Collection<java.lang.String> names)
          Return the elements of values that match the given names.

Methods in com.flexive.shared with parameters of type SelectableObjectWithName
 int o1, SelectableObjectWithName o2)

Method parameters in com.flexive.shared with type arguments of type SelectableObjectWithName
static java.util.List<java.lang.String> FxSharedUtils.getSelectableObjectNameList(java.lang.Iterable<? extends SelectableObjectWithName> values)
          Extract the unique names of the given SelectableObject collection.

Uses of SelectableObjectWithName in com.flexive.shared.scripting

Classes in com.flexive.shared.scripting that implement SelectableObjectWithName
 class FxScriptInfo
          Information about a script
 class FxScriptInfoEdit
          Editable FxScriptInfo
 class FxScriptSchedule
          Class describing a script schedule
 class FxScriptScheduleEdit
          Class for editing a script schedule

Uses of SelectableObjectWithName in

Classes in that implement SelectableObjectWithName
 class Briefcase
          The briefcase info object.
 class BriefcaseEdit
          An editable briefcase
 class BriefcaseItemData
          Item meta data for a briefcase entry

Uses of SelectableObjectWithName in

Classes in that implement SelectableObjectWithName
 class Account
          User account class.
 class AccountEdit
          An editable account wrapper implementation.
 class ACL
          Data class for the access control lists
 class Mandator
          A Mandator
 class Role
          User roles
 class UserGroup
          A group of users

Uses of SelectableObjectWithName in com.flexive.shared.structure

Classes in com.flexive.shared.structure that implement SelectableObjectWithName
 class FxDataType
          [fleXive] data types
 class FxGroup
          (Structure) Group definition
 class FxGroupEdit
          FxGroup used for structure editing
 class FxProperty
          property definition
 class FxPropertyEdit
          FxProperty used for structure editing
 class FxSelectListItem
          Items for select lists
 class FxSelectListItemEdit
          Editable select list item
 class FxStructureElement
          Abstract base class for FxGroup and FxProperty
 class FxType
          Type definition
 class FxTypeEdit
          FxType used for structure editing

Method parameters in com.flexive.shared.structure with type arguments of type SelectableObjectWithName
 void FxSelectListEdit.addAllWithName(java.util.List<? extends SelectableObjectWithName> items)
          Adds all given objects to this select list.
static FxSelectList FxSelectList.createListWithName(java.lang.String name, java.util.List<? extends SelectableObjectWithName> items)
          Factory method to create a select list based on a collection of SelectableObjectWithName objects.

Uses of SelectableObjectWithName in com.flexive.shared.tree

Classes in com.flexive.shared.tree that implement SelectableObjectWithName
 class FxTreeNode
          FxNode implementation for flexive
 class FxTreeNodeEdit
          Editable tree node.

Uses of SelectableObjectWithName in com.flexive.shared.workflow

Classes in com.flexive.shared.workflow that implement SelectableObjectWithName
 class Workflow
          Workflow data beans.
 class WorkflowEdit
          Editable workflow class.