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Packages that use DivisionData
com.flexive.shared Shared classes used by all flexive modules. 
com.flexive.shared.configuration Value objects for referencing parameters in the configuration engine. 
com.flexive.shared.interfaces Local and remote interfaces of the flexive EJB engines. 

Uses of DivisionData in com.flexive.shared

Methods in com.flexive.shared that return DivisionData
 DivisionData FxContext.getDivisionData()

Uses of DivisionData in com.flexive.shared.configuration

Subclasses of DivisionData in com.flexive.shared.configuration
 class DivisionDataEdit
          Editable division data class, used for division data setup forms.

Constructors in com.flexive.shared.configuration with parameters of type DivisionData
DivisionDataEdit(DivisionData data)
          Create an editable division data object that is independent from its source object.

Uses of DivisionData in com.flexive.shared.interfaces

Methods in com.flexive.shared.interfaces that return DivisionData
 DivisionData GlobalConfigurationEngine.createDivisionData(int divisionId, java.lang.String dataSource, java.lang.String domainRegEx)
          Tests the database connection for the given dataSource JNDI name and returns a DivisionData object with the current database vendor and version values.
 DivisionData GlobalConfigurationEngine.getDivisionData(int division)
          Returns the configuration data for a given division ID.
 DivisionData[] GlobalConfigurationEngine.getDivisions()
          Return the division data for all configured divisions.

Method parameters in com.flexive.shared.interfaces with type arguments of type DivisionData
 void GlobalConfigurationEngine.saveDivisions(java.util.List<? extends DivisionData> divisions)
          Replaces the existing division configuration.