Package com.flexive.shared.content

Classes for representing flexive contents, most notable FxContent and FxPK.


Interface Summary
FxValueChangeListener Listener that is called when values of a group have changed, changes are propagated to parent groups

Class Summary
FxCachedContent A "cached" content, used to keep a content and its security information together for caching purposes
FxCachedContentContainer Content Container for the Cache to keep all versions for an id.
FxContent A content instance
FxContentContainer FxContentContainer is a container for every existing version of a FxContent.
FxContentSecurityInfo Security related information about a content (primary key)
FxContentVersionInfo Information about a content's existing versions
FxContentVersionInfo.NewLifeCycleInfoImpl Temp.
FxContentVersionInfo.VersionSelector Selector for versions (helps with EL)
FxData Abstract base class for property and group data
FxDelta Compute Delta changes for FxContents
FxDelta.FxDeltaChange A single delta change
FxGroupData FxData extension for groups
FxGroupData.AddGroupOptions Options for FxGroupData.addGroup(String, com.flexive.shared.structure.FxGroupAssignment, int, AddGroupOptions)
FxPermissionUtils Permission Utilities
FxPK Primary key for FxContents
FxPropertyData FxData extension for properties
FxPropertySorter Get the order of a GroupData or a tpyeID (recursive) and can apply it to other GroupData

Enum Summary

Package com.flexive.shared.content Description

Classes for representing flexive contents, most notable FxContent and FxPK.