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Packages that use FxCreateException
com.flexive.shared.content Classes for representing flexive contents, most notable FxContent and FxPK
com.flexive.shared.exceptions Custom application exceptions which supported translated exception messages through resource bundles. 

Uses of FxCreateException in com.flexive.shared.content

Methods in com.flexive.shared.content that throw FxCreateException
 void FxGroupData.addGroup(java.lang.String xPath, FxGroupAssignment fxGroupAssignment, int pos)
          Add a group entry at the given XPath.
 void FxGroupData.addGroup(java.lang.String xPath, FxGroupAssignment fxGroupAssignment, int pos, FxGroupData.AddGroupOptions options)
          Add a group entry at the given XPath.
 FxData FxData.createNew(int insertPosition)
          Create a new instance of this FxData with the next available multiplicity at the requested position
 FxContent FxContent.randomize()
          Drop all data and create random entries for testing purposes

Uses of FxCreateException in com.flexive.shared.exceptions

Methods in com.flexive.shared.exceptions that return FxCreateException
 FxCreateException FxCreateException.setAffectedXPath(java.lang.String affectedXPath, FxContentExceptionCause cause)
          Set the affected XPath that caused this Exception to be thrown