Uses of Interface

Packages that use ContentEngine
com.flexive.shared Shared classes used by all flexive modules. 
com.flexive.shared.content Classes for representing flexive contents, most notable FxContent and FxPK
com.flexive.shared.interfaces Local and remote interfaces of the flexive EJB engines. 

Uses of ContentEngine in com.flexive.shared

Methods in com.flexive.shared that return ContentEngine
static ContentEngine EJBLookup.getContentEngine()
          Lookup of the ContentEngine EJB.

Uses of ContentEngine in com.flexive.shared.content

Methods in com.flexive.shared.content with parameters of type ContentEngine
 void FxContent.loadReferences(ContentEngine ce)
          Load all FxContent instances from properties of type FxReference

Uses of ContentEngine in com.flexive.shared.interfaces

Subinterfaces of ContentEngine in com.flexive.shared.interfaces
 interface ContentEngineLocal
          Local interface of ContentEngine.