Package com.flexive.shared

Shared classes used by all flexive modules.


Interface Summary
FxPhraseSearchValueConverter Converter for search values of phrases
FxSharedUtils.ParameterMapper<K,V> Maps keys to values.
ObjectWithColor An object with color information for user interfaces
ObjectWithLabel A localized object, provides a localized label describing the object to the user.
SelectableObject An object that is identified by its unique (long) ID value.
SelectableObjectWithLabel An interface for simple selectable elements with a translated label.
SelectableObjectWithName An interface for simple selectable elements with a unilingual string as (displayed) name).

Class Summary
AbstractSelectableObjectWithName Abstract implementation of SelectableObjectWithName
CacheAdmin FxCache access
ContentLinkFormatter Provides the default mapper for content URIs.
CustomSequencer A user defined sequencer
EJBLookup Utility class for EJB lookups.
FxArrayUtils Utility functions for arrays.
FxContext The [fleXive] context - user session specific data like UserTickets, etc.
FxDiff Compares two collections, returning a list of the additions, changes, and deletions between them.
FxDiff.Difference Represents a difference, as used in FxDiff.
FxDropApplication Information about a "drop application" deployed as part of the flexive EAR.
FxFileUtils Utilities for file system access
FxFormatUtils Miscellaneous formatting utility functions.
FxHistory A history entry
FxLanguage Languages Provides mapping functions between language system constants , iso codes and english descriptions.
FxLock Lock for contents or resources in general
FxMailUtils Email Utilities.
FxPhrase Phrase implementation
FxPhraseCategorySelection Category selection for phrases
FxPhraseQuery Query for phrases
FxPhraseQueryResult Phrase query result
FxPhraseTreeNode A phrase tree node
FxPhraseTreeNodePosition Value holder for a phrase tree node and the position of phrase within the node
FxReferenceMetaData<T extends Serializable> Metadata about a content instance, not attached to the content itself but to an external content reference (e.g.
FxSharedUtils Flexive shared utility functions.
FxSharedUtils.AssignmentPositionSorter Comparator for sorting Assignments according to their position.
FxSharedUtils.AsyncStreamBuffer Helper thread to asynchronously read and buffer an InputStream
FxSharedUtils.BundleReference A resource bundle reference.
FxSharedUtils.ItemLabelSorter Item sorter by label
FxSharedUtils.ItemPositionSorter Item sorter by position
FxSharedUtils.MessageKey Resource message key for caching
FxSharedUtils.ProcessResult Helperclass holding the result of the executeCommand method
FxSharedUtils.SelectableObjectSorter Comparator for sorting SelectableObjectWithName instances by ID.
FxSharedUtils.SelectableObjectWithLabelSorter Comparator for sorting SelectableObjectWithLabel instances by label.
FxSharedUtils.SelectableObjectWithNameSorter Comparator for sorting SelectableObjectWithName instances by name.
FxSharedUtils.SQLExecutor An SQL executor, similar to ant's sql task An important addition are raw blocks: lines starting with '-- @START@' indicate the start of a raw block and lines starting with '-- @END@' indicate the end of a raw block.
FxXMLUtils XML Utilities
Pair<X,Y> A generic pair.
SimpleCacheStats Simple cache stats beans.
TimestampRecorder An utility class to record timestamps during execution of a method and print (debugging) benchmark information.
XPathElement A single XPath element (alias and multiplicity).

Enum Summary
FxLockType Type of a FxLock
FxSystemSequencer System defined sequencers
LogLevel Log level definition.

Package com.flexive.shared Description

Shared classes used by all flexive modules.

Classes in this package must not access the database or depend on a web framework.