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Packages that use FxResultSet
com.flexive.shared.interfaces Local and remote interfaces of the flexive EJB engines. Value classes for FxSQL search results. Utility classes for formulating queries in FxSQL. 

Uses of FxResultSet in com.flexive.shared.interfaces

Methods in com.flexive.shared.interfaces that return FxResultSet
 FxResultSet query)
          Executes a query.
 FxResultSet query, int startIndex, int fetchRows, FxSQLSearchParams params)
          Executes a query.
 FxResultSet query, int startIndex, int fetchRows, FxSQLSearchParams params, ResultLocation location, ResultViewType viewType)
          Executes a query.

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Classes in that implement FxResultSet
 class FxEmptyResultSet
          An empty FxResultSet to be used when an exception is thrown but a result set is still needed to render a user interface.

Constructors in with parameters of type FxResultSet
FxResultRow(FxResultSet resultSet, int index)

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Methods in that return FxResultSet
 FxResultSet SqlQueryBuilder.getResult()
          Convenience method for executing a search query using this query builder.