Value classes for FxSQL search results.


Interface Summary
FxResultSet FxSQL result set
FxResultSet.WrappedLock A lock with user name information.
FxSQLFunction A SQL function, e.g.
ResultLocation Interface for query result locations

Class Summary
Briefcase The briefcase info object.
BriefcaseEdit An editable briefcase
BriefcaseItemData Item meta data for a briefcase entry
FxEmptyResultSet An empty FxResultSet to be used when an exception is thrown but a result set is still needed to render a user interface.
FxFoundType A found FxType
FxPaths Tree-paths returned by queries
FxPaths.Item This object represebts a item within a path, eg 'myFolder' in the path '/Images/myFolder/myFile.txt'.
FxPaths.Path This object represents a single path, eg '/Images/myFolder/myFile.txt'
FxResultRow Provides a thin wrapper for a result row of a SQL search result set.
FxSQLFunctions Container for all supported FxSQL functions.
FxSQLSearchParams Search parameters
FxSQLSearchParams.BriefcaseCreationData Envelope to carry data needed for a briefcase creation.
ResultColumnInfo A displayed column info object for the result preferences.
ResultOrderByInfo An order-by property for the result preferences.
ResultPreferences Result preferences object.
ResultPreferencesEdit Modifiable result preferences object.

Enum Summary
AdminResultLocations Administration area result locations
DateFunction FxSQL functions available for date/datetime queries and selects.
FxSQLSearchParams.CacheMode The cache modes of the search.
ResultViewType The result type.
SortDirection A sort direction.
Table Supported flexive tables for search queries.

Package Description

Value classes for FxSQL search results.