Utility classes for formulating queries in FxSQL.


Interface Summary
QueryNodeVisitor A simple query node visitor, useful for examining a query tree.
ValueComparator Comparator for query values

Class Summary
AssignmentValueNode A query node representing a structure property.
MaxNodeIdVisitor Query tree node visitor that returns the maximum ID of the tree.
PropertyValueNode A property query condition
QueryNode A node in a search query expression.
QueryOperatorNode A "operator" node representing a conjunctive/disjunctive union of its children.
QueryRootNode The root node of a query, containing additional information like its name or its type.
QueryValueNode<T extends FxValue,VC extends ValueComparator> Base class for value types.
SelectValueNode Select node
SqlQueryBuilder Query Builder for flexive SQL queries.
TreeValueNode Value node for tree queries (i.e.

Enum Summary
PropertyValueComparator Supported value comparators for FxValues.
QueryOperatorNode.Operator Node operators
QueryRootNode.Type There are substantally different query types.
VersionFilter Version filters available in the FxSQL search engine.

Package Description

Utility classes for formulating queries in FxSQL.