Package com.flexive.shared.structure.export

Interface Summary
StructureExporterCallback Generate a flattened export hierarchy for a given type ant its assignments and (optionally) any other types / assignments which the given type depends on.

Usage Description (incl.

Class Summary
AssignmentDifferenceAnalyser Difference Analyser - Records any differences between a base property / group and an FxAssignment (if within the same type) The analysis will always return the (GTB) values of the property's / group's assignments which differ from the base (i.e.
GenericStructureExporter Walks through a type's properties and groups (and its dependent types and groups) and pushes the results to StructureExporter.
This Generic Class should never be called directly but rather through the StructureExporterCallback interface / StructureExporter
GenericStructureExporter.DependencyAnalyser A class to analyse (circular / mutual) dependencies and derived assignments of types i.e.
StructureExporter Generate an export hierarchy for (a) type(s).
StructureExporter.MultipleStructureExporter A class to handle multiple structureExporter requests (i.e.
StructureExporter.ResultObject A class to store result objects (from the GenericStructureExporter)
StructureExporterTools Tool methods to create Groovy Script code from given structures

Enum Summary
StructureExporterTools.IgnoreProps Enumeration of properties which will be ignored