Package com.flexive.shared.structure

Classes for the representation of flexive data structures.


Interface Summary
FxEnvironment Runtime object for structure metadata held in the cache

Class Summary
FlattenOptions Options to set for customizing the "flattening" of property assignments via AssignmentEngine.
FxAssignment Base class for assignments of a group or property to a type or another group/property
FxFilteredEnvironment An environment wrapper that returns only data visible for the calling user.
FxFlatStorageMapping Storage information about an assignment in a flat storage
FxGroup (Structure) Group definition
FxGroupAssignment Assignment of a (structure) group to a type or another assignment of a (structure) group
FxGroupAssignmentEdit FxGroupAssignment for editing
FxGroupEdit FxGroup used for structure editing
FxMultiplicity Multiplicity of groups and properties
FxProperty property definition
FxPropertyAssignment Assignment of a property to a type or group
FxPropertyAssignmentEdit FxPropertyAssignment for editing
FxPropertyEdit FxProperty used for structure editing
FxSelectList Select list
FxSelectListEdit Editable select list
FxSelectListItem Items for select lists
FxSelectListItemEdit Editable select list item
FxStructureElement Abstract base class for FxGroup and FxProperty
FxStructureOption Option for structure elements (groups, properties, assignments)
FxType Type definition
FxTypeEdit FxType used for structure editing
FxTypeRelation Extension of FxType to hold relation mappings
FxTypeRelationEdit Editable FxTypeRelation

Enum Summary
FxDataType [fleXive] data types
GroupMode Mode how groups act (one-of or any-of)
LanguageMode Definition how languages are handled by a type
TypeCategory Category for FxType's
TypeMode Mode of a FxType (Content or Relation)
TypeState State of a FxType
TypeStorageMode Mode how tables are stored/accessed
UniqueMode Modes for uniqueness of properties

Package com.flexive.shared.structure Description

Classes for the representation of flexive data structures.