Uses of Class

Packages that use FxLargeNumber
com.flexive.shared.value Multilingual value types for flexive contents. 
com.flexive.shared.value.mapper Input mappers provide a decorator for FxValue objects. 

Uses of FxLargeNumber in com.flexive.shared.value

Methods in com.flexive.shared.value that return FxLargeNumber
 FxLargeNumber FxLargeNumber.copy()
          Creates a copy of the given object (useful if the actual type is unknown).

Constructor parameters in com.flexive.shared.value with type arguments of type FxLargeNumber
FxLargeNumber(FxValue<java.lang.Long,FxLargeNumber> clone)

Uses of FxLargeNumber in com.flexive.shared.value.mapper

Methods in com.flexive.shared.value.mapper that return FxLargeNumber
protected  FxLargeNumber SelectOneInputMapper.doDecode(FxSelectOne value)
          Decode the mapped type.
protected  FxLargeNumber NumberQueryInputMapper.AccountQueryInputMapper.doDecode(FxString value)

Methods in com.flexive.shared.value.mapper with parameters of type FxLargeNumber
protected  FxSelectOne SelectOneInputMapper.doEncode(FxLargeNumber value)
          Map the given value to the destination FxValue type.