Interface FxValueFormatter<DataType,ValueType extends FxValue<DataType,ValueType>>

public interface FxValueFormatter<DataType,ValueType extends FxValue<DataType,ValueType>>

Interface for a FxValue formatter. Formatters provide a datatype-specific and locale-specific way for rendering FxValue instances to the user interface. Formatters are usually not instantiated directly, but used by a FxValueRenderer to format FxValues. A FxValueRenderer for a given language can be retrieved using the FxValueRendererFactory.

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Method Summary
 java.lang.String format(ValueType container, DataType value, FxLanguage outputLanguage)
          Formats a FxValue object.

Method Detail


java.lang.String format(ValueType container,
                        DataType value,
                        FxLanguage outputLanguage)
Formats a FxValue object.

container - the FxValue container object
value - the value to be formatted.
outputLanguage - the language to be used for rendering the value. This may or may not be the language for which the value was stored in the FxValue container.
the formatted value