extension point

identifies a point where an existing [fleXive] application can be extended with a plugin.

See Also plugin, plugin executor.


A concrete implementation of a plugin interface that interacts with a plugin executor interface.

See Also extension point, plugin executor.

plugin executor

An interface that exposes methods available at a given extension point.

See Also extension point, plugin.


A [fleXive] content type definition, for example an article or image type.


An open-source framework for delivering web resources like images or stylesheets stored in the classpath, e.g. in a JAR file, instead of the WAR file system.


A SQL-like query language for [fleXive] contents.

virtual property

A special property available in search queries. It accumulates miscellaneous information about a result row that may not be available in an actual property, like permission flags or the primary key.


chained hyperlinks that show the tree path of the current object

run-once script

A script in a supported Java scripting language that will be executed exactly once for a division datasource. A common usecase is to create the data model used by an application or plugin.

start-up script

A script in a supported Java scripting language that will be executed at application startup. A common usecase is to initialize application-scoped data structures or to validate the installation.


A logical installation of [fleXive]. It defines the JDBC data source to be used, as well as the domains that map to this installation. A [fleXive] server can handle multiple divisions that are isolated from each other.

global supervisor

The [fleXive] superuser role. No permission checks are performed at all if a user has this role.