In addition to the reference documentation, you can browse the JavaDoc API documentation of all [fleXive] classes here.

JavaDoc for [fleXive] developers

If you want to develop [fleXive] applications, stick to these APIs. They cover all public interfaces (and all helper classes).

  • Shared [fleXive] classes: the description of the data objects and helper classes used by [fleXive] and [fleXive] applications. This package contains all code not specific to either the EJB or the web application layer.

  • [fleXive] EJB interfaces: the description of all EJB3 interfaces, such as the content engine or the search query engine.

  • [fleXive] JSF Components: the JSF support classes, including components, managed beans and the JSF plugin API. For a UI tag reference please refer to the JSF support chapter in the reference documentation.
Internal JavaDoc

For the sake of completeness, we provide the API reference of the [fleXive] core implementation and the backend administration GUI. You don't need these if you want to develop [fleXive] applications.

3.1 JavaDoc