A small step for you, but a big step towards your desired application.

Welcome to the tutorials page. To make things easier, we provided different tutorial categories. Each category highlights different features of the [fleXive] framework which are waiting to be tried out and integrated into your own application. Moreover the tutorials in each category are sorted by difficulty, so you can improve your knowledge step by step. Go ahead and choose the category which is most appealing to you!

First Steps

Your First [fleXive] Application

The HelloWorld tutorial helps you to make your first running [fleXive] application and is a starting point for further tutorials. You will build an application that works as a Blogger using [fleXive].


The Document Store Application

Our task for this tutorial is to create a centralized document store that allows us to store documents, images or videos and provides a web-based user interface for it. In this first tutorial we will implement the basic functionality, and then further refine and extend the features in following tutorials.