Download [fleXive] and get started with the full functionality at your hands.

[fleXive] 3.2.1 - current stable release - browse downloads


[fleXive] CMS

The [fleXive] Content Management System is available on the
CMS download page.

Installing [fleXive]

When your download has finished, please follow the Installation Guide. The initial login for the backend is supervisor/supervisor.

For working with [fleXive], you find lots of helpful information in the documentation section (reference documentation, API documentation).
In addition our tutorials might be helpful to you.

Previous Releases

[fleXive] 3.1.6 - browse downloads


[fleXive] 3.0.3 - browse downloads

2009-05-25, Release notes

Subversion access

You can also access the [fleXive] Subversion source tree directly:


[fleXive] is licensed under the LGPL 2.1 or higher. Read the license online.

The backend administration application of [fleXive] is licensed under the GPL 2.0 or higher. Read the license online.

In addition we can provide a commercial license as well. For further information please contact us.