...provides the foundation for building powerful JavaEE enterprise applications.
What is [fleXive]?

In a nutshell [fleXive] is a next-generation content repository aiming to support upcoming industry standards like CMIS. It strives to provide a holistic approach by offering a comprehensive set of tools and building blocks for creating content-centric web applications around a [fleXive] content repository.

[fleXive] has been created to take up the challenge developers are facing in a world of ever-changing requirements. Keeping your data in a centralized repository helps to lower the barrier for agile development of content-centric applications.

[fleXive] Features

Licensed under the LGPL 2.1 (or higher) [fleXive] is Java Enterprise Edition 5 compliant, based on the latest industry-standards like EJB 3, JSF, etc.

Core features of the content repository are:

  • Enterprise grade security (Fine grained ACL based content security, User-, Group- and Rolemanagement, Mandators, Workflows, etc.)
  • Dynamic mapping and definition of hierarchical XML-like data structures to relational databases
  • Innate internationalization and localization support
  • Integrated event-based JSR-223 scripting
  • Powerful query engines

Selected features from the tools and building blocks:

  • Ant/Maven and IDE support
  • A comprehensive set of ready to use JSF components
  • CMIS services
  • Prebuilt powerful administration application for every aspect of [fleXive] (optional, licensed under the GPL 2.0)

And finally a very comprehensive documentation which will get you started in no time.

To learn more how easy it is to build your application really fast just explore [fleXive].

A basic product overview, screencasts and some screenshots will help to get a first impression.

How to get started?

To get an idea of what [fleXive] is about, we have prepared a product overview, describing what [fleXive] is about and giving a brief introdution.

The feature list will give you a more detailed overview of what [fleXive] can do for you.

The focus of [fleXive] is to support you in buildung your own applications. To get an idea of how to do so, please see the building your application-section.

If you prefer to see what it is like to work with [fleXive] and get a first impression, then have a look at [fleXive] screencasts and [fleXive] screenshots.

Next, you can download the latest build of [fleXive]. For first coding-steps we suggest to follow our tutorials. In our documentation and community-sections you will certainly find some ideas and hints to get you started at a more technical level with [fleXive].

Who is it for?

[fleXive] aims at two different audiences:

Casual developers with some basic Java know-how. Our powerful administration UI allows you to visually model your needed data structures, manage content instances using automatically generated forms and visually define and execute your queries. You don't have to bother about any glue-code or manual setup of your database structures. Even experienced developers might enjoy our user interface!

Experienced developers, having sound knowledge in J2EE / JavaEE, JSF, EJB 3.0 and web development and enterprise architectures in general, facing the challenge of creating a rich web applications. You will benefit from [fleXive]'s feature rich but simple API's allowing you to model your data, implement required security constraints and code your own business logic.