Key Features

Next-Generation Content Repository

  • Dynamic mapping and definition of hierarchical XML-like data structures to relational databases featuring a lot of (optionally multilingual) data types
  • Content manipulation with no need to create custom DAO’s
  • Internationalization (data and user interface)
  • Versioning / History / Locking
  • Import and export of content and data structures
  • Workflows
  • Security using access control lists (ACLs) ruling mandators, roles/groups/users at the granularity level of your choice (type, instance, workflow and property permissions)
  • Event based JSR-223 Scripting
  • Manage and conveniently access your data in a virtual tree-like file system
  • Powerful SQL-like query engine
  • (Preliminary) CMIS support
  • Caching
  • Mandator and ASP support

Web development JSF Toolkit

  • Loads of ready to use JSF components supported by Yahoo! User Interface (YUI)
  • Create secure and data centric web applications in no time
  • Manipulate content instances
  • Render query results
  • Render content trees
  • Embed documents and other binaries in content instances


Easy to use and powerful Administration Interfaces

  • Administer your applications using an intuitive and comprehensive backend
  • Visual editors for structure definition, content handling and query definition
  • Easy to extend administration interface