2008-11-20 | [fleXive] 3.0.1 available

[fleXive] 3.0.1, the first bugfix release for [fleXive] 3.0, has been released. It contains important bugfixes for our last release, and keeps binary compatibility with 3.0.0. Head to the downloads section to get the release, or watch our screencasts to get a first impression of [fleXive].

In the meantime, development is continuing in the trunk (3.1) branch. Among the features that are currently worked on are an adapter for the awesome H2 Database Engine (to provide a pure Java solution), and support for Maven, which will feature a fully functional standalone container based on Jetty and OpenEJB.

Read on for the list of bugs fixed in 3.0.1.


  • [FX-314] - GroovyContentBuilder creates a new group although an empty one exists
  • [FX-315] - Multilingual group properties cannot be saved
  • [FX-317] - FxBinary default value causes error when saving contents
  • [FX-318] - Default value for FxSelectOne property hangs environment loader
  • [FX-320] - Distribution Build file does not include project's /lib folder in classpath for compilation
  • [FX-322] - FxApplicationException does not propagate nested exception XPath
  • [FX-323] - Commons Validator: Missing dependency
  • [FX-324] - Type without instance permissions but content editor shows instance ACL select
  • [FX-325] - Plugin API should also search WEB-INF
  • [FX-327] - Saving of multilingual binaries may fail
  • [FX-328] - FxFilter tries to use response after IOException
  • [FX-329] - User ticket language always English on first request after deployment
  • [FX-330] - Backend does not work behind proxy
  • [FX-332] - Default values for properties can not be removed
  • [FX-335] - new Account().asEditable() throws NPE
  • [FX-336] - Subtree activation may corrupt tree structure
  • [FX-338] - Some A4J buttons in the content editor don't use event queues
  • [FX-340] - Importing types is broken
  • [FX-347] - FxFilter swallows exceptions from filter chain
  • [FX-349] - Cached ACLs not updated
  • [FX-350] - Prevent deactivating the root node in the live tree or show error message
  • [FX-354] - JSON/RPC path in flexiveComponents.js uses hardcoded flexive context path
  • [FX-360] - FxReference UI components are initialized with a new pk instead of an empty reference


  • [FX-333] - Show some basic fileinformation for uploaded files


  • [FX-337] - Upgrade Quartz to 1.6.1

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