2009-06-25 | [fleXive] 3.0.3 available

[fleXive] 3.0.3, a bugfix release for [fleXive] 3.0, has been released. It contains important bugfixes and maintains binary compatibility with [fleXive] 3.0. The release can be found in our Download section, either in a platform-independent format or a Windows-only installer based on JBoss and MySQL. Version 3.0.3 has also been published to our Maven repository (further information can be found in the reference documentation).


The release contains the following bugfixes:

  • [FX-434] - Script mappings not synced properly
  • [FX-452] - deleted base assignments still referenced
  • [FX-460] - Glassfish: enable pass-by-reference for remote EJBs
  • [FX-467] - Deleting a node in Content Tree gives wrong message
  • [FX-477] - Cached Content properties visible, although user has no permission
  • [FX-479] - FxSQL: Query fails when property permissions are enabled and a null value is returned
  • [FX-480] - FxSQL search always checks step/type/content permissions regardless of the FxType's permission settings
  • [FX-485] - Deleted reference is not removed on content save
  • [FX-492] - AssignmentEngine fails to close statements
  • [FX-493] - Stream server tries to write closed output stream
  • [FX-495] - Default query shown as "saved query"
  • [FX-496] - FxFilter disables browser cache for static contents on some webservers
  • [FX-497] - ThumbnailServlet fails to set Last-Modified response header
  • [FX-502] - Cannot delete versions of a referenced content
  • [FX-504] - Empty groups cannot be removed
  • [FX-519] - Creating nested groups stores duplicate type in assignments XPath
  • [FX-522] - JBoss 5: Plugin messages not resolved
  • [FX-523] - FxThumbnailURIConfigurator chokes on URL-encoded session ID
  • [FX-527] - ResultPreferencesEngine throws an exception when an assigned property was removed
  • [FX-535] - Build fails on Vista 64
  • [FX-536] - Chrome: Navigation menu button not visible
  • [FX-544] - FxSharedUtils#readFromJarEntry fails to read complete entry
  • [FX-554] - Wrong context path in weblet:url resources
  • [FX-569] - Shared briefcases not visible for other users
  • [FX-571] - Selecting large binaries (e.g. PDF file) throws exceptions

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