2010-04-29 | [fleXive] 3.1.1 available

[fleXive] 3.1.1, a bugfix release for [fleXive] 3.1, has been released. It contains important bugfixes and maintains binary compatibility with [fleXive] 3.0 and 3.1.

We also fixed some issues of the WebDAV connector with certain clients (Windows after XP and MacOS X). Windows Vista/7 users may want to read this forum entry on how to get good WebDAV performance.

The release can be found in our Download section and contains the following bug fixes and improvements.


  • [FX-684] - Performance: long-running Groovy scripts cannot be run in parallel
  • [FX-867] - Groovy type builder automatically adds FQN and caption for new types
  • [FX-868] - WebDAV / Authentication triggers duplicate key exception


  • [FX-860] - Scripting Engine: Optional caching for Groovy scripts
  • [FX-861] - Database specific handling of big String values
  • [FX-863] - Warn user if password has not been changed
  • [FX-873] - Update Quartz to 1.8

New Feature

  • [FX-738] - Specify default instance ACL for types


  • [FX-821] - Add "isinherited" FxStructureOption to groups / properties and their respective assignments


  • [FX-869] - Add default instance ACL to GroovyTypeBuilder/-ScriptExporter
  • [FX-870] - Add default instance ACL to (BE) documentation
  • [FX-871] - API/core/patch implementation


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