2010-07-21 | [fleXive] 3.1.4 available

[fleXive] 3.1.4 has been released - head over to our download page to get it.

Apart from major bugfixes this version of [fleXive] is the first to officially support the JavaEE 6 Web Profile. The full functionality of [fleXive] becomes available just like any other library, by adding the EJBs (and their dependencies) to a WAR application. The developer blog has more information on Web Profile support.

Before upgrading an existing repository please read the update notes.

The following bugs and issues are addressed by this release:


  • [FX-877] - Derived Type Property check
  • [FX-898] - Scheduler service breaks on redeployment
  • [FX-904] - BinaryProcessor_Images script serializes
  • [FX-907] - PostgreSQL: column s.maxidx does not exist
  • [FX-909] - Init screen: pressing continue button should issue redirect
  • [FX-910] - Backend/JSF2: cannot edit script schedules
  • [FX-912] - Binary processing update breaks existing scripts
  • [FX-915] - Rerender of commandButtons disable Tab-buttons
  • [FX-916] - fx:fxValueInput should not include empty select list element for mandatory properties
  • [FX-918] - Query editor: invalid values are no longer indicated
  • [FX-919] - Minimum Multiplicity Check fails on Selectlists
  • [FX-920] - FxData#compact updates indices, but not values' xpaths
  • [FX-921] - After login, when navigatin to fast, the navigation is reseted to the first item / panel
  • [FX-924] - Content editor: optional select lists should use empty element unless default value is specified
  • [FX-925] - MySQL: database setup fails on Ubuntu 10.04 (Specified key was too long)
  • [FX-929] - Exception when trying to create a content with a reference as selectlist
  • [FX-930] - Backend: StepDefinition.tabtitle.create is missing
  • [FX-932] - Glassfish: division import fails


  • [FX-887] - set 'Generate unique Name' checked on default
  • [FX-895] - Backend structure tree: remember flat/hierarchical view setting
  • [FX-896] - Links from overview pages should open in a new flexive tab
  • [FX-897] - Switching to hierarchical view should expand root node
  • [FX-903] - Configuration editor: create resizable dialog and text area
  • [FX-905] - Prevent scheduler scripts from running while flexive is initializing
  • [FX-906] - Prevent distributed cache updates during GroovyTypeBuilder operations
  • [FX-923] - Simplify adding groups and properties to FxContent
  • [FX-927] - Replace FxContent.isXPathValid with more meaningful methods

New Feature

  • [FX-801] - EJBLookup: Support JavaEE 6 global JNDI names
  • [FX-901] - Attach meta data values to FxValue's
  • [FX-908] - String Resource management
  • [FX-914] - Configure default datasources in JavaEE 6 containers
  • [FX-922] - UserGroups accessible from the environment
  • [FX-926] - Select list of a content not updated if environment changes


  • [FX-883] - Support change of multiLang setting for properties and flatstorage assignments
  • [FX-899] - Create WAR deployment options for Java EE 6 Web Profile
  • [FX-902] - Distribution: package PostgreSQL driver
  • [FX-913] - Documentation: Web Profile Deployment
  • [FX-931] - Maven: deploy 0.8 versions of EAR and WAR archetypes

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