2011-02-08 | [fleXive] 3.1.5 released

[fleXive] 3.1.5 has been released - head over to our download page to get it.

The following issues have been addressed:


  • [FX-935] - FxApplicationException logging leaks thread local
  • [FX-943] - Cannot create ACL with only "create" permission
  • [FX-946] - Search engines: owner read permission applied to all users
  • [FX-949] - DivisionConfigurationEngine resource keys limited to 50 chars
  • [FX-952] - FxSQL: briefcase filter with flat storage conditions does not filter on briefcase
  • [FX-954] - FxValueInput: Do not render tri-state checkboxes for required FxBoolean values


  • [FX-938] - Performance: Improve XPathElement#split
  • [FX-942] - More intuitive positioning/movement of FxData elements

New Feature

  • [FX-939] - Add a flag to select lists to sort entries by label
  • [FX-941] - fx:fxValueInput: support accesskey HTML attribute
  • [FX-953] - Automatic versioning on data changes

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