2009-08-25 | [fleXive] 3.1 Beta 1 available

[fleXive] 3.1 represents a major shift of focus from a universal JavaEE framework towards a next-generation content repository. While this beta version does not contain 100% of all the anticipated features for the final 3.1 release (e.g. UI support for locks, only preliminary CMIS compatibility, etc.) we're happy to give you an outlook of what is to be expected.


New and improved features:

  • History viewer: query any changes that happened to contents, system settings, etc.
  • Locking: Full API support for content instance locking, User-Interface will be added in upcoming beta's
  • FlatStorage: New storage engine enhancement to drastically improve performance for assignments with a max. multiplicity of 1
  • CMIS-Support: Preliminary support for CMIS clients using the atompub-protocol (currently in a very early alpha stage)
  • Reuseable content editor JSF component with support for creating nested references on-the-fly
  • Improved Scripting: New events and improved scripting editor with syntax highlighting in the backend application
  • Improved Scripting: Vastly enhanced functionality of the GroovyTypeBuilder including a comprehensive documentation
  • New installer: Pure Java based installer with an embedded H2 database runtime to get you started in no time
  • Maven support: We now offer our own maven repositories if you want to build your [fleXive] applications using Maven
  • Database support: H2 database is now officially supported, lots of refactorings have taken place to support additional vendors more easily
  • Improved application server support: [fleXive] now runs on JBoss 4.2.x and 5.x, Geronimo 2.1.x, Glassfish v2 and v3, WebLogic 10.3 and embedded in a Jetty container with OpenEJB
  • Preliminary JSF 2.0 support: [fleXive] works in JSF 1.2 compatibility mode, native JSF 2.0 components are in the works
  • Improved binaries support: Binaries can now optinally (and configurable by size) stored in the filesystem rather than in the database only
  • Improved security: It is now possible to assign multiple ACLs to content instances
  • Improved Browser support: All JSF components and the backend application now support IE 7 and 8, Firefox 3+, Google Chrome and Apple Safari 1.4 (the backend application might issue a warning if you do not use IE or Firefox, but everything should work fine)
  • New configuration editor: The backend application now has a generic editor for all kind of configuration settings
  • Improved SelectList editor in the backend application
  • Improved briefcase support: Briefcases can now easily be shared and annotated with meta information
  • New structure export API (support for structures exported as Groovy scripts and a User-Interface will be added in upcoming releases)
  • Too many minor bugfixes and performance improvements to list them here in detail.

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