2010-04-15 | [fleXive] 3.1 has finally been released!

[fleXive] 3.1 - The next generation Java EE content repository has finally been released!

We are very happy and proud to announce the next major release of [fleXive] after more than 1.5 years of development!
For [fleXive] this completes the shift from a general Java EE persistency and web development framework towards a next generation enterprise grade content repository.
The feature list of [fleXive] can be split into three categories:

Content Repository:

  • Dynamic mapping and definition of hierarchical XML-like data structures to relational databases featuring 17 multilingual data types
  • one of the first content repositories supporting the CMIS standard for interoperability
  • Internationalization of data and user interface
  • Versioning / History / Auditing / Locking
  • Security using access control lists (ACLs) supporting mandators, roles, groups and users at the granularity level of your choice: type, instance, workflow and property permissions
  • Manage and conveniently access your data in a virtual tree-like file system
  • Mandator and ASP support

Web Development JSF Toolkit:

  • Loads of ready to use JSF components supported by Yahoo! User Interface (YUI)
  • Create secure and data centric web applications in no time
  • Manipulate content instances
  • Render query results
  • Render content trees
  • Embed documents and other binaries in content instances

Administration Interfaces:

  • Administer and prototype your applications using an intuitive and comprehensive backend
  • Visual editors for structure definition, content handling and query definition
  • Easy to extend with plugins

[fleXive] requires a relational database and a Java EE 5+ compatible application server to run.

In total there have been more than 400 issues fixed and features added since the last major release.
We hope you'll enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed developing it!


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