[fleXive] CMS is a Content Management System based on the [flexive] content repository, Java Enterprise Edition 5 and JavaServer Faces (JSF) 1.2.

It is available free of charge and the source code is licensed under the LGPL 2.1 (or later).

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High performance with Java

The Java platform provides a secure, performant, scalable, and reliable environment for server applications.

Complete Open Source Environment

[fleXive] CMS runs in a 100% open source environment - no strings attached. The Java Platform, applications servers such as JBoss or Glassfish, and databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL are true open source projects with large communities.

XHTML-based templating with JSF

JavaServer Faces (JSF) is Oracle's standard web toolkit for enterprise web development.

Creating a website with [fleXive] CMS is not really different from creating JSF applications - you can literally drop in existing JSF pages, add a few tags, and stop worrying about pretty URLs, multilingual contents, redeployments, and so on.

Integration of business logic via JSF and EJB

JSF and EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) provide a reliable and scalable foundation for the implementation of business logic. Some websites require more complex processes in the backend, and implementing them as JSF managed beans or EJBs means you can use your existing development tools and processes.

Dynamic page structures

The content repository of [fleXive] CMS encourages the use of user-defined types for creating pages. Both page content types and templates can change very rapidly in the prototyping phase.