The strength of a community is the ability to support each other. Support is vital for an open source project.
Do you need help with [fleXive]?

The aim of the [fleXive] community is to work on solutions in a collaborative way. Collaboration means that we support each other whenever problems are encountered or the experience and know how of others is needed.

In this way you could benefit from the deep insight of the core developers and other community members, and they will benefit from your feedback and experiences.

To achieve this we offer the following tools to commumicate with the project team, other users, and developers:

Issue Tracker

Using one of these you will often be able to find an existing solution for your problem e.g. by browsing through the archives of the mailinglists or the threads in our forum. In these cases where you encountered a new problem they will provide you with „an interface to directly communicate" with the community.

Do you need professional support?

Sometimes e.g. in time critical situations or when a certain SLA needs to be guaranteed for projects, there is the need for support exceeding the possibilities offered by the community. For these cases we'd like to point out the possibility of professional services offered by commercial companies like UCS - unique computing solutions gmbh. For further information please contact us.